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SEO As A Barrier To Entry

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In traditional business, barrier to entry is a real and entrenched idea – its proliferation in physical retail and elsewhere is a main reason why moving from poor to rich has been extremely difficult in the past – there were strong barriers to entry that required long, tiring processes of establishing supply chain efficiencies and a necessitated time-lapse of building a mass of brick-and-mortar establishments to the point of true profitability.  As the walls of retail and brick and mortar began to fall with the rise of the internet’s connected data came the rise of the new rich – those who took advantage of a new, almost evaporated barrier to begin entering complex, previously hyper-competitive markets in the physical world.

Why You’re Lying to Yourself About Keyword Difficulty

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keyword difficulty

A little over a month ago, I wrote about barriers to entry in the SEO world. This concept is something I think about constantly in my day to day operations in-house – however, it only begins to explain the long term competitive theories that are important to understand as overarching themes that cumulatively make the difference between a number one ranking, today, and a number one ranking five years from now.

Content Strategy Post-Penalty

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At SMX East, I presented on Content Strategy in a Post-Penalty enviornment. Although much of this presentation is tailored semantically to that thought, this could also be restructured to say “Content Strategy for New Businesses” and have many of the same takeaways, as they both address starting from scratch for a new business.