Meet the Auto Boomerang Add-On Tool

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Boomerang for Gmail is an amazing tool for those that do outreach. It makes it easy to schedule emails for the future, or automatically bounce the email back to the top of your inbox if you haven’t gotten a reply. For those that operate within Gmail, it’s a must have.

However, for all of its benefits, Boomerang is not without its limitations, at least for people with the need for bulk outreach.

Boomerang fulfills the needs of many more high-end sales people, which makes its ability to customize valuable on a micro level. You choose whether or not to follow up every e-mail, and set the boomerang time to something specific every time you do outreach, or be forced to select the “in two days” option.

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For one-on-one efforts, you can see how this would be extremely valuable. However, for a person who sends up to and sometimes more than a hundred emails per day, having to click “Boomerang this” on every email can suck up bandwidth – and you’ve used the tool, you know there’s a little “hiccup” that occurs every time you click the check box.

Similarly, following up in two days is not optimal in many situations, where that would be seen as too aggressive. I, for one, never set the Boomerang time to two days. I generally go for one week, which can sometimes vary based on the situation.

Meet The Auto Boomerang Add-On

Based on all of the above, I thought there was room for improvement in Boomerang. So, I went out and contacted Chris Le, well known SEO developer, about building Auto Boomerang. Auto Boomerang gives you all the lightweight functions Boomerang inherently has the capabilities to do, but doesn’t bake in because they want to fit a wider audience.

In sum, Auto Boomerang is Boomerang specifically for content marketers.

When you install Auto Boomerang, which requires Boomerang for Gmail, you’ll automatically be defaulted to “follow up” and “one week”. This way, every time you send an outreach e-mail, you’ll automatically return that message to the top of your inbox in one week. No more extra clicks, no time loss – just a huge productivity win.

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Of course, you’re not always in full-on outreach mode, so having every single e-mail boomerang doesn’t necessarily make sense. To counteract that, we built in the functionality to turn the tool on or off at any time.

Similarly, following up in one week might not be your ideal timeframe. Using the dropdown, you can select a timeframe that makes more sense for you, using the most popular options within Boomerang.

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You might have noticed the “buy the subscription” link in that dropdown. Although Boomerang does have paid options, you only need to use them if you schedule e-mails for a later date – the boomerang function is free, and so is this add-on.

Get The Tool Today

The tool is now live on the Chrome Web Store. Get it now.

We appreciate your feedback. Please e-mail your suggestions or comments to ross at siegemedia dot com. I hope you all enjoy the productivity boost this offers as much as I do. Thanks to Boomerang for making such a great tool and to Chris Le for helping improve it for our use.

  • iamchrisle

    A simple but great idea to save people time. So glad I got to work on this tool with you Ross!

  • Benjamin Beck

    Thanks for Ross & Chris for your hard work and kindness in making this great tool available to everyone. I love Boomerang and look forward to using this.