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Do you want content, or do you want assets?

We create assets. If you want five posts a week for your blog, go somewhere else. We don’t hit publish just to hit publish.

Using a search-driven mindset that ties every piece of content back to a search term, we create content that has compounding impacts. Our content creation strategy helped generate 500,000 monthly traffic lifts for three of our clients in the last year.

Nothing we do comes easy. We research your market, map it in a keyword benefit matrix, and determine what content it makes sense to create… what makes sense to heavily promote… and what to prioritize next.

Our creation strategy is 10x or bust. We live on the belief that “good content” is not nearly good enough, and aim to make content that’s ten times better than the number one result for that keyword.

In today’s environment, that’s the only way to give yourself a great shot at a number one ranking.

What Kind of Content Do We Create?

The short answer is whatever content makes sense for a given topic – and your brand.

The long answer is we can do it all… interactives, long-form guides, infographics, photoshoots, animations, you name it, our team is capable of doing it, and doing it well.

We look at the keyword, or your market, and map it back to a content type that will enable you to stand out.

Sometimes, the keyword you’re trying to rank for is competitive, and you need to generate links in order to rank. In those instances, we push even harder – taking the quality of the content as far as we can to make sure you can generate the coverage needed to move up the search results.

Do We Do Search Content Only?

Not all content is going to map back to a keyword. We get that.

And not every brand is going to have a huge amount of top or middle-funnel search volume, as every industry is different.

That doesn’t mean we can’t support your search efforts with other content around it. Maybe it’s press-driven, authority-building content, such as surveys or infographics. An eBook to help attract email signups. Or high-end sales pages that push people through your purchase process – faster.

All of those fall in our wheelhouse, and are important pieces of an effective SEO strategy.

What we do best, though, is tie content creation efforts back to search. If your company doesn’t live and die by search traffic, we’re probably not the right company for you.

The S.U.C.C.E.S. Model


Besides “make it 10x better”, a reoccurring framework we use to create best-in-class content is the S.U.C.C.E.S. model. Our core belief in building effective and memorable content stems from this acronym from the book Made to Stick, which states that unforgettable content is:

  • Simple. In the world of content, less is more. Determine your core message, then communicate it in the most simple process.
  • Unexpected. If you’re not riling the birds’ feathers who’re flying in a V, your not writing unexpected material. Unexpected material gets attention, often by violating a current schema. We believe in violating the status-quo to capture attention.
  • Concrete. Use sensory language to be concrete. Paint a mental picture in the minds of your audience.
  • Credible. Using data? Give advice? It better come from the experts.
  • Emotional. People care about people, not numbers. Evoke emotion by speaking a language pertinent to your audience.
  • Tells Stories. Storytelling is the causal effect of evoking emotion.

All of our content works around these fundamentals. If we can’t say that the content we’ve made matches most of these standards, we don’t build it. We start over, we reverse engineer another idea, and we re-work the building blocks of the content to make a piece we know will resonate.

Ready to Get Started?

Interested to hear more about our content creation services? Want to see examples? Check out our work, and to see even more, get in touch. If you want to learn more first, go back to our content marketing services page.

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