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Does your content promotion process reach 500,000+ people each month without lifting a finger? 

Ours does. And those aren’t 500,000 uninterested readers – those are customers.

And the number is growing.

It’s not a joke or a sham. What makes our content promotion process unique is that we tie every single piece of content we make back to search.

We create top and mid-of-the-funnel content that ranks – which enables the net number of people who view, and potentially share, that content each month to grow in a compounding fashion.

And of course, those same people are interested buyers, too – not just sharers. Not bad.

Data-Backed Marketing Strategies

Although we always aim to achieve the compounding audience effect, we need to get your content ranking first to see those benefits.

To do that, we rely on research-backed creation and promotion strategies to ensure success.

We first identify the benefit a topic has for you by utilizing competitive research tools to identify the potential monetary value of the content we create for you.

In example, we might look at who ranks number one for “wedding songs”, input that page into SEMRush, and return the “traffic cost” of $52,100, which is based on what people might be willing to bid on similar content. By looking at the potential monthly value, we can make data-based arguments to invest in the creation of that content.

From there, we identify if you even need promotion to rank, based on how authoritative your site is, in combination with the competitiveness of that keyword.

The Content Promotion Process

Once we know we need promotion, we reverse engineer successful content. By conducting promotional research before developing content, we identify the framework required to make your content work.

We do research on whether the content idea syncs with your brand experience, the size of the market we can promote to in the form of industry blogs and influencers, as well as characteristics of the promotional landscape, including but not limited to: seeding opportunities on social networks like Reddit and StumbleUpon, and what people in your industry share.

We also analyze why your content might fail, including things like site design, sub-par brand experience, or lack of vertical expertise—and then work to solve those issues.

By doing this SWOT Analysis up front, we are able to consistently build content that succeeds for your business.


Distirbution Using Owned Media

Anybody can send a tweet, or hit post on Facebook. We differentiate ourselves by staying on top of current social trends to maximize your earned media to its fullest potential.

We work with your team to identify optimal times to post to social media and send emails. We build native, custom imagery to improve the promotion potential of the content we build on your networks, and we synchronize our efforts with the standards of what works on each network. We leverage paid distribution opportunities to get additional eyeballs on your work.

We know how to generate clicks on Twitter, shares on Facebook, and repins on Pinterest. And no, the answer is not “add a hashtag”.

Distribution Using Earned Media

We’ve dedicated resources to build an internal process that maximizes earned media for clients. Sure, corporate social accounts and email lists accelerate traffic to recently published content, but we have developed strategies to add an excess of additional traffic—because for most, simply hitting publish is not enough.

First, we leverage a network of blogger and press relationships to build instant recognition for your content. We’ve done this not through manipulation, but by consistently delivering high quality content to them, to the point that they trust us as a reliable resource for great information for their audience.

Next, we identify people we have not contacted, and leverage our exhaustive experience doing outreach to bloggers to identify the best times to email to incite the action we want.

Through testing, we’ve identified email communication strategies that work and headlines that cause people to open emails. Our internal expertise with consumer psychology allows us to “nudge” readers into taking the action we want in our email copy—such as linking to the piece on their website.

Finally, we utilize customer segmentation that we identified in the content development process to properly seed the content to networks such as Reddit, StumbleUpon, as well as popular Facebook and niche-specific communities.

By understanding what works and doesn’t on these networks, the process of promotion is easy—we build content the people want, and the traffic flows in.

The Results of Our Work

Through this exhaustive and time-intensive process, comes consistent and repeated success. Here are just some of the many outlets where our clients have been covered:


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