Social media isn’t posting one update a day and hoping something comes from it. Social media marketing, as we define it, is social amplification of a brand in whatever method is valuable for the business.

It’s not social accounts with one to five likes, no retweets, no favorites and a hope that it’s doing something. We differentiate ourselves as content marketing amplifiers—a group of content creators and promoters that know how to get thousands of visits on each piece of content we create. And we carry that process over to social media.

How We Work

Social media requires amazing content just like any other avenue. We use our internal team to help create or accentuate assets you currently have—photography, data, copy—in a way that gives the content life in a native context on each social media platform.

In addition, we identify new areas where we can create content with synergies on each platform as well as across platforms. It’s about building scale into social media efforts that not only drives direct sales, but helps down-the-line efforts that apply to your content strategy.

The Siege Media team, frequently recognized as thought leaders in the content marketing space, aren’t just settling on the same insert-URL-and-publish-on-Facebook strategy many vanilla providers utilize. We stay on top of new networks, new techniques and the changing trends in the social media landscape so we can move quickly.

Persona development, retargeting and sophisticated paid amplification are just part of the marketing pie that we utilize to make sure your business not only comes first, but does so by a huge margin.

Social Media for SEO-Minded Businesses


Although we understand the true benefit of social media, we won’t sugarcoat it—our expertise is best utilized to leverage social media as an amplification point for your SEO efforts. Our expertise and 10+ years of experience building content and driving success with search—well assisted with social media—means that our best fit will be with those companies that are driving a large percentage of their revenue through search.

We’re not for everyone. But for those companies who call Google #1, we can take both channels to another level—increasing revenue exponentially not just through social, but through search engines as well.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

While we customize our work for every client, the below represents some of the offerings we are frequently called on when it comes to helping grow businesses through social:

  • Content development and distribution
  • Paid advertising management
  • Community management
  • Social contest development and management
  • Measurement and reporting
  • Social media marketing strategy

Looking to amplify your social media efforts today? If so, learn more about our social media marketing services by getting in touch below. Want to learn more about what we do? Go back to the content marketing services page or check out our work.

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