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Baremetrics has an impressive history of content marketing through transparency. Their company steps out of their comfort zone and speaks to success and failure in a way that has resonated with other SaaS companies.

Corey Haines, Baremetrics’ Head of Growth, came on Content and Converstion to share how they wield transparency as a weapon and also use other unique growth models to best prioritize marketing efforts internally.

Show Agenda & Timestamps:

0:36: What is Baremetrics?
1:15: Baremetrics almost sold for $5M, and your founder wrote a post about it. What was your perception of that?
5:46: Being transparent is a big part of Baremetrics’ success. How can other businesses leverage that?
9:30: How do you address the negative effects of being transparent?
11:45: Your title is “Head of Growth.” What are the differences between that and “Head of Marketing?”
15:10: Do you get anxiety about Baremetric’s transparent growth metrics? What happens when growth flattens?
16:20: Describe your bottoms up approach to growth.
18:40: What is your client referral process like?
19:37: “Do things that don’t scale.” Explain that philosophy.
23:45: The G.R.O.W.S. Model – Can you speak to how you use that?
27:50: Having an all-remote company can get lonely. What tools do you use to help with that?
29:14: You’ve been excited about the “5 Main Growth Levers.” Describe that.
33:30: Is there any actionable tip, tool or resource you’re excited about?

Show Notes:

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