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Generating a ton of traffic is great, but if you’re not also spending the appropriate amount of time analyzing that traffic and how people interact, browse and ultimately convert on your site, much of it can be wasted.

There’s no better person to share insights on content analytics than SEMRush’s Ashley Ward, who frequently shares insights and recommendations on the topic through her many presentations and talks.

In this episode of Content and Conversation, we discuss metrics people miss out on, TOFU MOFU BOFU, analytics team structure, the power of reach as a metric, and a whole lot more.

In today’s Quick Answer world that shows an increasing gap between impressions and clicks, Ashley got us thinking about adding reach as a metric to see how that correlated with overall value for our clients. After listening you might want to do the same.

Show Agenda & Timestamps

1:48: What’s analytics metric do you feel people should be looking at but ignore most often?
5:30: What are the most important metrics people should focus on?
7:25: How do you differentiate between good reach and fluffy reach?
9:55: What analytics tools should people be using?
14:35: What tools can you use to measure reach, if any?
15:49: What is TOFU MOFU BOFU and how can people use it?
18:53: What should analytics teams look like internally?
21:08: What should your data reporting tempo be?
24:29: Is there an industry standard for when you should hire an Analyst?
26:10: Where should people go to learn about analytics?
28:90: What actionable tip would you leave people with?

Show Notes:

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