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All marketers want to be at the top of their game. But in order to be the best out there, you have to fine-tune your craft and put in work.

That’s where CXL Institute comes in. In this episode of Content and Conversation, we sit down with Peep Laja, CEO of CXL, to discuss how to develop content strategy from scratch and stand out in a crowded marketplace, as well as discuss best practices for distribution.

Show Agenda & Timestamps

0:52: Should people be doing A/B testing for their content?
1:47: What has been your experience with various pop-up tools that can trigger offers?
4:21: Is there any situation where you would not include a pop-up?
5:50: How do you structurally operate CXL’s content marketing?
8:30: Do you have a percent of your budget that goes towards marketing efforts?
11:50: In addition to manual submission, what other things do you do from a distribution perspective?
12:45: When broadening your scope beyond conversion, do you struggle to rank for things like SEO or analytics despite having a high DA?
14:10: Has it been a challenge to broaden your scope?
15:11: On the distribution side, are you doing email blasts to your same lists with the latest content despite it not always being conversion-focused topics?
17:59: How to create a content strategy from scratch.
24:04: Why doing something different can help set you apart from your competition.
26:35: What are the KPIs that you’re measuring for?
28:15: From a content marketing strategy perspective, do you have a tip or tool that others can use to improve their own strategy?

Show Notes:

Peep is one of the most influential conversion rate optimization experts in the world and offers great insight on how marketers can go above and beyond the status quo. Their blog is a must-read for that subject as well as the other digital marketing topics they’re expanding into.

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