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What is GPT-3? Are we all out of a job?

In this episode of Content & Conversation Ross and Caroline chat through what GPT-3 is and how it impacts content marketing and SEO. If copywriting is a core deliverable for your business or position, it may be time to rethink your work and how you market yourself.

Show Notes:

  • 0:33: What is GPT-3?
  • 1:53: Are content writers out of a job?
  • 2:18: How GPT-3 can create content of different quality levels
  • 4:25: How content writers could work with GPT-3
  • 6:42: What does this mean for other content elements, like UX and design?
  • 8:11: Content “sameness” and what to watch out for
  • 10:33: What type of content GPT-3 can’t replace

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