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We pride ourselves on having 50% of our staff focused on design. But it’s taken years to build that talent.

If you’re looking to hire a graphic designer (or you’re interested in applying to work at Siege), in this week’s Content & Conversation Caroline sits down with senior art directors Leslie and Eric to chat through our vetting process.

Even if you’re not a graphic designer by trade, listen below for helpful tips on vetting creative portfolios and what you should expect from a designer.

Show Notes:

  • 1:06: What we look for in a design applicant’s portfolio
  • 2:00: Discerning what is the work of a graphic designer vs. a larger team
  • 3:06: An average test project and what we look for
  • 5:56: What we vet designers for during the final in person interview
  • 7:58: Tips for content marketers who need to hire a graphic designer
  • 9:15: Where to find great designers
  • 10:30 : What to consider when hiring a full time designer vs. a freelancer

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