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It’s Christmas in July! Literally.

Are you thinking about Q4 and holiday season right now? If not, you should be. For many of our eCommerce clients we start brainstorming topics for November and December around this time. On this episode of Content & Conversation, Ross and Caroline discuss why we start the process so early, how to balance ranking timelines with editorial calendars and how to plan pre-, during and post-peak season.

Show Notes:

  • 1:24: Why you should plan for peak season ~6 months in advance
  • 1:54: Exceptions to this planning rule
  • 2:12: How to publish Christmas content in July without awkward UX
  • 2:46: How to use Google Trends to figure out publish timing
  • 5:05: Considering SERP changes that happen during mid-peak
  • 6:35: Evaluating freshness distance
  • 7:10: Outreach for seasonal topics
  • 10:45: Who is creating this peak?

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