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Experiencing a high cost per link? It could be your content, but it could also be your whole website.

In this week’s Content & Conversation, Ross and Caroline discuss factors that may be contributing to a high cost per link. Usually if outreach is failing, we blame the content, but we’ve also found that some client’s blog and overall website aren’t set up well for link building.

Show Notes:

  • 0:42: How site design impacts CPL and what elements to look out for
  • 2:29: What to consider with CTA design and aggressive CTAs on blog content
  • 4:55: Toggling monetization off and on during outreach
  • 6:17: How “brand” and name recognition impacts CPL
  • 8:22: How we calculate cost per link
  • 10:22: How to look for “off site” link building opportunities
  • 10:51: Balancing “on brand” content with CPL
  • 13:14: Domain authority and CPL

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