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Hitting send and then… crickets? Listen to our outreach tips to avoid no responses.

No one likes a failed outreach campaign. Today’s Content & Conversation Directors Caroline and Alex Heinz break down elements of your outreach email into three distinct parts (subject line, body email and content pitched) to help you diagnose why a pitch may have failed.

Show Notes:

  • 0:53: How to use open and click through rate tracking for outreach
  • 2:19: Tips for improving your open rate
  • 5:25: How to match your pitch to your audience
  • 6:58: Tips for fixing a low click through rate
  • 8:12: Our general guidelines for email pitches
  • 9:53: How to add personality without awkwardness
  • 12:30: How feedback can be just as important as a “no”
  • 13:39: Where to check your content before you pitch

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