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If you work on SEO with larger publishers, you know there are unique dynamics that make approaching search its own beast.

Whether it’s training writers, solving for Google News, optimizing for quick answers, or internal linking, these problems aren’t straightforward to solve. In this episode we talk with CNN’s Upasna Gautam on exactly these dynamics and dig into her history doing SEO for Mashable, PC Mag and other publications just like it.

Editors note: We had some sun show up in the shot at the end of the episode. Still watchable, but a little more harsh than normal. Apologies for any issue there!

Show Agenda & Timestamps:

0:46: How do you de-compartmentalize a publisher website for SEO success?
3:45: How would you recommend writing teams internally?
6:39: What should the ratio be of SEO team members vs number of writers at a company?
8:05: Do you ever leverage manual link building at a publisher?
11:00: What’s your strategy for content auditing/killing old pages?
13:30: What kind of training materials/resources do you give writing teams?
16:20: Definining deck copy and why it’s valuable for publishers.
21:40: What is best practice for a good content management system?
22:50: How would you describe best practice from an information architecture standpoint?

Show Notes:

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