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Effective copywriting is a vital component of content marketing, and it’s a skill that takes time and practice to do well. Every word that content marketers write counts, from headlines to body copy and even email subject lines.

In this episode of Content and Conversation, we sat down with Kopywriting Kourse founder Neville Medhora, who shares his insights on best copywriting practices, and even a few tips and tricks on marketers how to improve the quality of outreach emails with simple outline formulas.

Show Agenda & Timestamps:

7:41: What lead you to the decision to create your branding the way that you did — professional yet informal?
10:50: Do you have a specific formula that you use for your posts?
14:20: Are there situations where you would not want comments on your blog post and prefer to just send the entire post via email newsletter?
15:10: What are some of the benefits of including a preview image when doing cold email outreach or promoting content?
17:17: How often do you use the AIDA copywriting formula and can you describe what it is?
24:43: What are some common errors you see SEOs making in keyword-driven articles, and how do you think they can improve upon those?
27:53: Walk us through your content modules system.
34:31: What are the main copywriting books that you recommend for marketers?

Show Notes:

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