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In a client-facing industry, we have a responsibility as content marketers and SEO practitioners to not only create great work, but to communicate that progress with our clients.

In this episode, we sat down with Kameron Jenkins, SEO Wordsmith at Moz and founder of boutique content marketing agency Soapboxly, to discuss the true value of SEO and content marketing, and how to best communicate with and serve your clients.

Show Agenda & Timestamps

0:43: How do you think people should communicate the value of SEO and content marketing?
3:10: Do you recommend a period of time for setting up goals and a research phase before beginning with a new client?
4:04: What are the main KPIs you are reporting on from a content marketing perspective?
7:46: Is there a typical schedule that you suggest with new clients when it comes to calls and reports?
13:00: How do you suggest content marketers make their reports more actionable for clients?
17:50: How have you been able to communicate that you should be investing in high-quality content rather than outsourcing to freelance sites?
22:30: If you were training someone in client communications, what would you want to enforce as top priorities?
29:30: How do you help clients determine the dollar value on the lifetime value of a customer?

Show Notes:

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