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Today we flip the script.

Director of Content Marketing, Vince Nero, chats with our founder, Ross, on a variety of SEO topics spanning algorithm shifts, link building, UX/UI and running and agency. Ross shares his new thoughts and theories, as well as how that has evolved since starting Siege Media 5+ years ago.

Show Notes:

  • 1:14: How much should SEOs be tuned in to algorithm shifts?
  • 3:00: What to look for when an algorithm change happens
  • 7:00: Quantifying links and link value to C-Suite
  • 10:45: Industries that we say no to working with and our ideal client
  • 13:22: Importance of building a brand on top funnel
  • 16:48: Link relevancy, link volume and links to bottom funnel
  • 21:59: How to make a business case for SEO and content changes

Check out our video version on YouTube as well:

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