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SEO and content marketing are attractive channels to new startups everywhere. But for most, the investment and timeline to ROI is daunting and potentially catastrophic if misapplied.

That can be prevented, of course, with an effective strategy. In our newest episode, we talk startup content marketing with Atlassian’s Lead SEO Kevin Indig. Atlassian runs well-known software tools Jira and Trello, as well as several others.

In addition to his in-house work, Kevin also consults for startups at the German Accelerator and also runs a popular SEO/growth focused newsletter you should subscribe to.

In this conversation topics include how to do keyword research as a startup, prioritize SEO investments, show up for comparison keywords, as well as leverage microsites for your business.

Show Notes:

If you enjoyed this episode, I highly recommend checking out the links above, as well as Kevin’s blog. He breaks down all the subjects we talked about on this episode in significantly more detail.

Upcoming guests on Content and Conversation include Joel Klettke, Brian Dean, Ashley Ward, and John-Henry Scherck. Make sure to subscribe to stay tuned for more great content just like this!

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