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B2B and B2C aren’t that different. At their core, there are a lot of commonalities that exist. That said, the differences can make for tactical shifts that mean doing one tactic a lot more than others, or otherwise, leaning into one piece if it a lot harder than another.

Sujan Patel is an expert in just that difference, and B2B in general. Sujan brings a lot of expertise running SaaS businesses and also building his own personal brand in the B2B space, which makes few people better to talk with about how to do it best.

In today’s episode of Content and Conversation, we talk B2B vs B2C, personal branding, brand monitoring vs links, measurement, and a whole lot more. Check it out below.

Show Notes:

You can also find this episode of Content and Conversation on our podcast feed. Moving forward, we’ll focus our feed only on these conversations, as we know they often make the best fit for the medium.

Next month, we’ll have Marshall Simmonds and Matthew Brown on to talk Content Strategy for Publishers. In future months, we have Jon Cooper and Brian Dean slated to join us on the program.

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