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Possibly the hardest part of outreach is deciding who to pitch.

We’re not of the “spray and pray” mindset, so building a pitch list takes time. That said, we’ve discovered some helpful tricks and tips to try to decrease that vetting period as much as possible.

In today’s Content & Conversation, Director of Content Marketing Vince Nero offers his updated advice on how we cut down on time spent compiling pitches.

Show Notes:

  • 00:33: Easy quantitative signals to decide not pitch a site
  • 3:00: Should “spam scores” play into your vetting process?
  • 5:00: Our process of “real time” prospect lists vs. advanced list building
  • 5:40: Is a low domain authority site an automatic “no”?
  • 6:58: Qualitative features to help your decision making process
  • 10:00: Evaluating social media followers in vetting websites
  • 11:29: How we vet for guest posting sites
  • 14:58: Vetting for link relevancy

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