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Editors, Writers and Contributors, oh my!

Have you ever spent way too long staring at a masthead asking yourself, “do I pitch the managing editor? The staff writer? The editor-in-chief?” This week we talk to Senior Content Marketing Specialist Sarah Hollenbeck and Content Marketing Specialist Amanda Pell on their experience working at publications like Upworthy and PC Mag and their tips for pitching different media outlets.

Show Notes:

  • 1:40: How to think about pitching titles at different media types
  • 2:30: Is there a typical “newsroom” make up?
  • 3:00: What editors, managing editors, staff editors and more do
  • 6:15: Pitching print vs. digital and different titles you’ll run in to
  • 7:45: Considering national vs. regional vs. local media
  • 9:20: Byline attribution in media
  • 11:00: Emailing “tips@” when you have no other option
  • 12:12: Is television a good avenue for link building?
  • 16:46: Is radio a good avenue for link building?
  • 20:34: How to handle pitching freelancers or contributors

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