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There’s a somewhat divisive mode of thought about whether or not you should pitch from an agency email address, or a client one.

I’ve heard some agencies say no matter what, they’ll pitch as themselves. And others share our philosophy, picking the best case scenario for each situation. I think it really depends, and the situations that draw you to one or the other can vary.

In this video, I break down our thought process of choosing to when to use our own email address, and also when to choose to use our clients’.

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Hi, I’m Ross Hudgens, founder of Siege Media, and today I want to answer a common question I get from agencies and also new clients. It’s, should I use a client email such as, or should I use an agency email, such as And the answer to this question, basically in my mind, comes down to two things.

One is commerciality removed. The benefit of using a client email is minimizing the feeling of commerciality, while the benefit of using an agency email is the benefit of building a relationship and efficiency of using that email over time. So it comes down to four main tips around that general theme, that allow for success or failure within this idea.

1. Is it a Short Term or Long Term Campaign?

For example, if you’re pitching dyslexia link pages for a client just because you happen to build a guide that was a one off, and you don’t really see that market being something you pitch to with frequency, it’s probably safe to pitch as the client rather than yourself.

That’s because the efficiency will not really be established by pitching them, or it’s the kind of market you’re only going to pitch once in a blue moon. And therefore, lowering the commerciality aspect will actually help you when you make those pitches.

2. Does the Market Get Pitched Frequently?

If you think about high-end news, they’re used to PR agencies and content marketing agencies pitching them content. But if you compare that to, say, mommy bloggers or a very niche DIY site, they’re not as used to getting pitched by a big PR agency.

They want to feel like they are friends, or there’s a relationship being built with a person and the company that’s contacting them. For them, the client email will be a stronger pitch rather than the agency email, because that commerciality will be established when you do that.

3. Is the Content a Branding Match?

If you’re pitching marketing or business type sites, it’s, again, a natural inclination to pitch from a content marketing or PR spin, because that is a natural fit. Compare that to parenting blogs or if you’re pitching children’s printables, the disconnect from that coming from a PR agency or a content marketing agency, it’s large.

And the commerciality is strengthened because of that, and may actually offset the benefit of using the client email, or your own email rather, that you can use again and again.

4. How Strong is the Brand You’re Pitching For?

And finally, how strong is the brand you’re pitching for? Sometimes, even if you’re pitching high-end press, if you’re coming from someone that is so established, so well thought of, it can offset the fact that they’re used to PR agencies pitching them.

A perfect example of this is a business like AirBnB. This brand, they’re obviously super well respected end to end, for what they do. People love them and they’re going to click emails that come from a representative of AirBnB over you a lot of times, just because of the brand efficiency that is carried with a brand like AirBnB.

So if you’re lucky enough to be working with a client like that, you probably should leverage their email over your own, even if you have a lot of those relationships already established.

So in essence, hopefully those four tips come together to give you a good thought process about when to use your client’s email, when to use an agency email, and will help you get more placements in the long run. And if you found this video helpful at all, subscribe to our channel and we’ll be back weekly with more videos just like this. Thanks.

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