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Think you can scale community outreach? Not so fast my friend. Few people have more experience doing that than our Content and Conversation guest Benji Hyam, who shares how to do it, when to do it, and when not to.

Benji is the co-founder of boutique content marketing agency Grow and Convert. In this episode, he shares his tips for distribution, training, running a remote team, and succeeding in an ever-evolving world of B2B promotion.

Show Agenda & Timestamps

0:45: How did you start Grow and Convert?
5:00: What are your three main content promotion tips?
10:00: How do you train people to do community outreach?
14:45: Is it possible for agencies to sell relationship building and community outreach?
19:40: What is your pain-point SEO strategy and how do you use it?
25:30: How does link building tie into pain-point SEO?
27:35: What KPIs are you reporting on for your clients?
29:25: How does your agency work operationally?
31:20: Do you use Slack for community outreach?
33:24: How do you manage content marketing from a remote perspective?
40:00: What thing do you think people should do more of?

Show Notes:

Benji is an up and coming mind on the content marketing front and one I suggest following on Twitter. He brings smart insights to the table and comes from a unique background outside of SEO that allows him to look at things from a lens others might not. I enjoyed talking community outreach and agency life with him and think you’ll get a lot out of this conversation.

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