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Julie Joyce and Garret French are “O.G.” link builders. They have both been doing it for more than a decade and lived through the Penguin Update with war stories in tow.

I was super excited to have them on in our Austin office to talk about the intersection of old and new. Does link buying still work today? How about broken link building? Garrett also talks about local sponsorships and the idea of “citable elements”, a concept I had not yet heard that should bring you significant value.

Garrett French is the founder of Citation Labs, a link building agency and ZipSprout, a local sponsorship service. Julie Joyce is the founder of Link Fish Media, also a link building agency.

This is the first conversation in our series where we decided to chop up parts of the conversation to be more snackable. There are two videos linked below that highlight standout parts of the conversation, if you prefer that mode of listening.

Show Agenda & Timestamps

01:30: Does link buying still work?
06:25: How about local sponsorships for links? Do those work/could they be penalized?
13:50: What qualifying metrics do you use for link buying?
17:20: How can citable elements be used to generate sales page links?
25:30: How is broken link building working for you today/how do you do it?
32:15: Is there anything you’re doing different today than you did in the past?
35:00: What does the future of links look like to you?

Show Notes:

So, should you buy links? It depends. In SEO and in life, it always sorta does. Thanks to Julie and Garrett for coming on to talk link building.

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