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Reddit isn’t easy. Like cold outreach, nailing the content+subreddit intersection takes some planning to do well.

Should you hit that intersection, though, the result can mean thousands upon thousands of visits to your content. In this video, I share four of the less-straightforward marketing tips to get the maximum amount of value from your distribution campaigns.

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Hi, I’m Ross Hudgens, founder of Siege Media, and today, I want to share some of our more advanced Reddit marketing tips to get more value out of the network that has some eyeballs and potential share opportunities for your content.

1. Submit Multiple Times Over Months

The first concept that I would suggest is actually submit your content multiple times over a longer timeframe. What I mean by that is not submitting to multiple subreddits, it’s rather that you should submit to one and maybe a few, but whatever one resonates most and gets the most upvotes, there’s actually an opportunity to resubmit to that same subreddit several months down the line.

So, say a piece of content does especially well. It’s not especially timely…it’s an evergreen piece of content that can do well at any point. It gets a lot of upvotes. You come back three months later, you delete that asset, and then you resubmit it. Almost certainly, it’s going to do well, especially if it’s a highly-trafficked subreddit.

There’s going to be a lot of turnover, but the general semantic connection to that subreddit is still strong, so therefore, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll get more value and be able to leverage that asset in many ways by resubmitting to Reddit.

2. Submit Third-Party Websites

What I mean by third-party websites are those sites that cover your content and not your site specifically. Redditors just generally don’t like commercial entities, so when you remove that commerciality by submitting people that have covered you rather than your site yourself, you’re more likely to actually have success because they’re seeing sites that they’re used to seeing.

They don’t think they’re getting marketed to, and they’ll actually consider that coverage of yours, and potentially, be more likely to cover it just because they saw that and that commerciality was removed. As opposed to the situation if you were, Reddit moderators would ban that upfront. No matter how good your content is, they would look past it given the history and expectation of Redditors.

3. Consider Reddit as a Value-Passing Link

So the third tip I have for you is to actually think of Reddit as a value passing link. Some people don’t realize that Reddit actually has the opportunity of giving you a valuable anchor text link, if you have content good enough to get that upvote that actually triggers the threshold of getting a dofollow link. So you submit, automatically, it’s nofollow by default, but after a few upvotes, you actually turn to dofollow, and that value can actually pass.

And it’s not as strong if you’re on a subreddit where your content’s going to get deeply buried, but if you’re getting a ton of upvotes, it’s a highly trafficked subreddit, and you’re potentially going to get moved to the top section where your content will live there for months, if not years. You’ll have the potential to have a really valuable link from an SEO perspective as well as a visibility perspective. Overall, that’s a the golden opportunity to you and your content overall. It’s a huge win, especially if you can apply valuable anchor text to that usage without impairing on marketability.

4. Submit at Optimal Times Using Tools

And my fourth tip for you is actually submit at optimal times, using tools such as Later for Reddit. These tools will actually enable you to put in subreddits that you’re planning on submitting to, and you’ll get some recommendations as to the optimal times to get the most upvotes for your content.

If you just submit it aimlessly on a Monday in the morning, you’ll actually miss the window where most people are frequenting that subreddit, and by the time you get some upvotes, there’s a good chance that it’ll fall off. What these tools do is they actually calculate when the submission times are that got the most upvotes on that subreddit over time.

You can think, obviously, something that’s submitted on Reddit Miami is going to be different than something that’s Reddit Bitcoin that might have a wide audience in London, Australia, things like that. So overall, those are my four main tips to get some good value out of Reddit other than just submitting. Hope this is valuable to you and you like the video. Appreciate it if you give it a thumbs up, subscribe, and thanks for watching.

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