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Some see SEO copywriting as a dirty term. Us here at Siege Media fall into that camp, and so does our esteemed guest, Joel Klettke.

Joel, founder of Business Casual Copywriting and Case Study Buddy, comes from a search background and has moved into a CRO one. As someone who frequently works with writers and also was an “SEO copywriter” himself, there’s no better person to talk the intersection of search and content.

In this episode we talk TF:IDF, how to hire writers, ranking for “What is X?” keywords without writing 4,000 words, 10x content, service page copy, and a whole lot more.

Show Agenda & Timestamps

1:25: What’s your opinion of “SEO Copywriting” as a term?
7:22: How you can have success without TF:IDF
12:14: What SEO rules do you give writing teams? How do you train them?
14:20: How to evolve your thinking past word counts
16:09: Do you nudge writers at all to write longer posts?
18:41: How can you rank for “What is X?” without having super long posts?
22:10: Why the thought that people don’t read is wrong
26:32: Why 10x content is actually the wrong way to think about things
29:35: How to write a compelling service page that also ranks well
38:05: How to hire great SEO-focused writers
47:05: The importance of doing customer surveys

Show Notes:

If you need a case study or otherwise, some great sales copy, Joel and his team have my top recommendation. He brought some great insights to this interview and how to think outside the SEO-template box.

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