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Everyone would love a link from the New York Times. However, that’s not always feasible. Sometimes, you have to work with what makes sense for your content… and that’s often low authority blogs.

However, the authority of these blogs frequently don’t stay that way. The web is a moving target, one moving in both directions. In the following video, I break down our thought process for valuing websites and whether or not we should pitch them.

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Hi, I’m Ross, founder of Siege Media, and today I want to address one of the common questions or comments I get from clients or hear from other people in the industry.

The question is if whether or not should you pitch sites with a Domain Authority (DA) less than 30. We often get pushback when we generate a link that’s under DA 30, or generally, have occasionally gotten actual restrictions that say, “Just don’t do it.”

And my general philosophy is that that’s, kind of, short-sighted thinking. And I instruct our team and do it myself when doing outreach, to pitch people under DA 30. But that doesn’t mean pitch sites that are low quality.

What we’re doing is actually playing a very long game in SEO, and what we’re doing through that is, actually, showing that when we pitch people, we’re looking for a great site, qualitatively.

Yes, we do it quantitatively to see if the DA is higher in terms of how much effort to put into it, but qualitatively, if someone’s put a lot of effort into their website, maybe it’s new, it looks good, that means that the future value of that, the expected value of that link, is actually expected to go up rather than decline.

This compared to a DA 40 site of some really old website that maybe could run out of hosting any second.

That DA difference and that likelihood of that actually accruing value rather than losing value, means I think it is worthwhile to, basically, pitch any site that has a DA in any range, as long as it looks good, it’s a quality website, and it is actively maintained.

And, of course, do spend more time for the more actively maintained, higher authority ones. But, to set a minimum threshold for really pitching content that is editorially placed I believe is a bit short-sighted. That’s our opinion, and I think if you adopt the same strategy, you’ll get more value out of your content marketing and outreach as it comes to SEO.

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  • Great video Ross! I haven’t done a lot of guest posting to date, but I have to agree that basing your criteria on DA alone is short sighted. I’ve seen a lot of big metrics on some pretty spammy sites, so it really comes down to choosing a quality site that has some real value and traffic.

    • Thanks Taylor! To be clear, we don’t really do guest posting at all.. this is all pitching content we have hosted on client sites. But everything else makes sense/I agree with!

  • J Hines

    Yeh, I certainly agree basing the criteria on DA alone is very short sighted. I would say almost 40% of my link build outreach have come from these lower DA’s. Some of these lower level sites have ascended and I’m grateful that I was smart enough to build a rapport with them. We now can cross promote. A win, win for everybody!

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