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Quotes continue to have popularity and probably always will. Motivation and inspiration will always have a place, and for that reason, they’ll always have strong demand from a search perspective.

Not always do these keywords have considerable commercial intent, but at least from a branding perspective, they have value and are worth going after. In this video, we break down the nuts and bolts of ranking for these keywords and give you some tips for doing so.

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Hi, I’m Ross, founder of Siege Media, and today, I want to give you tips on how to rank for quotes keywords. That is, any keyword that has quotes at the end or the front.

As you know, quotes are very popular thing and generally, there is a fit for quotes in a lot of different markets and sometimes the search volume is gigantic.

Not always can you monetize these but at least from a brand-awareness perspective, potentially a link opportunity perspective, they’re worth getting in front of, especially if it applies to your market and what you sell.

1. Aim for the Most Quotes on the SERP

So the first tip I have for ranking for quotes keywords is actually to aim for the most quotes on the search result. So if you search “romantic quotes”, you look at that list and you see the number one or the most quotes are around 50, you should aim to curate around, hopefully, 60, 75 good quotes that are romantic.

This can make you stand out and be more clickable than that other result that’s only 50 because people want options, they want to scan through it and find something that fits them and whatever their need is for a quote.

Whether it’s a card, a special occasion, motivation, all these things can be helpful to make sure they get what they really want.

2. Make Shareable Images for Some Quotes

The next tip I have is actually make shareable images that represent each quote in your brand’s identity.

So what I mean by this is if you take maybe the best quotes of that 75 that you curate, and then you create… maybe it’s five-ish unique images that represent the quote and have custom design, maybe it’s a representation of the person, or the idea in an image, that will do two things that are powerful.

One, it’s a shareable. That makes it linkable. Someone could link to your post and not have to do a ton of work to make something substantial because they can just link to those shareable images with the quotes on them.

Additionally, this is actually a form of unique content. Quotes posts are kind of interesting in that if you’re really curating quotes, these are duplicative.

If they’re good, they most likely have been shared already, therefore you’re not having much unique content on that post at all.

You’re going to have maybe two to maybe three paragraphs as an intro and maybe one or two as an outro. These images can somewhat fix that lack of unique content problem, because I think the unique images are interpreted by Google and give you something unique for them to interpret.

Images like this can help tell Google “Hey, this site has something worth surfacing” because it’s not just a duplicative version of other quotes posts that exist out there.

3. Use Longtail KWs as H2s or Filters

My next tip is actually apply filters or long tail keywords as subheads in quotes. So with interactives, especially if you have a large number of quotes, you can use long tail versions of that quote term to rank and also add value to the short tail.

So for example, Mother’s Day quotes might be one search. There could be Mother’s Day quotes from daughter. There could be Mother’s Day quotes from son, or for grandmother. Those kinds of different things give you long tail versions that you could filter for in an interactive that’s pretty basic that allows someone to fit their specific use case. And yes, sometimes those people will search that specifically.

They’ll search Mother’s Day quotes for son, but they will also just search Mother’s Day quotes and realize that, “Hey, I am a son so I should find something more targeted and it will be more useful for me because I’m doing that kind of search.”

So by having that in a filter, you add value, Google can also potentially pick that up, or if you don’t have 100 quotes worthy of putting into an interactive, you can also do it with subheads.

You can use the long tail volume in order to create different long tails or signify a clear significance for those different terms such that you rank higher for them.

From there, you could create a table of contents at the top so that person is searching 50 Mother’s Day quotes, you don’t have an interactive, they jump to that next section.

Google can also pick up jump-tos and that can help you rank for long-tail keywords. You’ll see them occasionally on search results and it will allow you to appear more relevant in Google’s eyes, and also for users get to their preferred section a lot easier.

4. Add Share CTAs on Individual Quotes

And finally, what you want to do is add share elements to those images and also all the quotes, especially in business environments.

So if you look at certain sites, for example, HubSpot comes top of mind, you’ll see this occasionally with quotes type results. At the end of the quote, they’ll have a specific custom CTA for sharing on Twitter, or sharing on LinkedIn.

We’ll add a link to the video showing you how to do that which you can see here. You’ll be able to share those quotes more actively and so when someone tweets it or they share it on LinkedIn, they’ll grab that specific favorite and also the URL.

And then with the specific custom shareable images, a second benefit I didn’t mention previously is those can be pinned.

So obviously in business environments, you’re not going to pin quotes quite as often, but if we’re in the previous romance example, that is something that someone might pin and it’s going to give you more distribution than you would otherwise have gotten without any specific visual elements.

So hopefully you liked all these tips in whole and will help you rank better for quote-type keywords.

If you liked the video, please give us thumbs up, subscribe and let me know what you thought of the video. Thanks for watching.

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