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None of our work is possible without the talented staff behind it. As we’ve grown from an office of seven to 75+ the main ingredient to our success has been the people behind it.

With that, success didn’t happen over night. We’ve spent the past year building and refining our internal onboarding process so we can train up efficiently.

That training is the SiegeLearn content marketing course.

Today, we’re taking the course public and giving you a deep-dive into how we integrate SEO, content marketing and outreach into one. This is the exact same training every new hire at Siege Media experiences and, in turn, what we use to fuel client growth for accounts like TripAdvisor, Airbnb and Intuit.

Below is a highlight of some of the 40+ lessons:

  • Determining an Outreach Market for Link-Driven Assets – Attract multiple markets with one asset so you can double or triple your link outcomes.
  • How to Vet a Prospect in Seconds – Cut down on your outreach time by learning immediate “red flags” so you can build a highly targeted pitch list.
  • Can I Rank For This? – Did your keyword research and not seeing results? Learn how we evaluate ranking potential to avoid wasting time on low value efforts.

In addition to our lessons, we’ve included 25+ videos and printable takeaways so help train yourself up faster. For more detail, visit SiegeLearn today or watch our summary video below:

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