Jarrod came to Siege Media with an SEO and copywriting background. Hailing from the Twin Cities, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, Jarrod grew up in the land of copywriters.

He first cut his teeth in the media industry as a freelance music journalist in Miami, FL and New York, NY. After several years of traveling the country, Jarrod landed on the left coast and planted his roots in San Diego, CA.

He submersed himself in social media and content strategy; crafting his skills, only to resurface in the world of SEO… He never looked back. Jarrod’s diverse digital media background is a utility belt of skills. Well equipped, he is on a mission to interpret searcher intent and create content that drives traffic.

Ambitious and as he is clever, Jarrod is always in search of a new project to stretch his creativity.

And these are a few of his favorite things.