15+ Links, Top 3 Ranking Post For Life Insurance



The Client

Bestow offers smart, affordable life insurance, available online instantly.

Industry: Insurance

Location: Austin, Texas

Services Provided: Content Marketing

Project Summary

While Bestow’s product offering may seem heavy in nature (life insurance), their brand takes an informative and friendly perspective on the subject. During brainstorms, it was our goal to introduce topics that may be uncomfortable to talk about, but ensure our content was always approachable. There was the added challenge that the outreach market for the insurance market is small (usually just filled with affiliate websites) so we needed to introduce tangential topics that still made sense for the Bestow brand.

Our succession planning guide struck the perfect balance between talking about life insurance while also introducing Bestow to a new audience (small business owners). The result was more than 15 links to a single piece of content.