$3,100 Monthly Traffic Value for Small Business Topic

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The Client

Fundera provides advice and comparison technology to help business owners easily identify their best-fit financial products and make better business decisions.

Industry: Finance

Location: New York

Services Provided: Content Marketing

Project Summary

New small business owners have a lot of questions—and Fundera wanted to be the leading content resource to answer them. After brainstorming and conducting keyword research, we found opportunities around several “how do I…” or “do I need…” phrases related to business.

One of our most successful pieces was this post and infographic addressing how to create an LLC (and if you need one in the first place). In addition to researching and addressing common questions during this process, we created a helpful flowchart for users to determine what business entity type would be the best fit. The end result was 10+ links and a page one ranking for “do I need an LLC?” (600 searches per month) for a single piece of content.