How Siege Media Helped Install-It-Direct Grow By 770,000 Organic Visits


increase in organic traffic over 20 months


increase in organic traffic to service pages


increase in visits via Google My Business

The Client

Install-It-Direct is a team of outdoor living specialists that focus on providing landscaping services in Southern California.

Industry: Landscape Design and Construction

Location: San Diego, California

Services Provided: Content Marketing and SEO Consulting


Install-It-Direct was looking for assistance on taking over their current content marketing and SEO strategy. As a local company in a niche market, Install-It-Direct needed recommendations that could make a big impact to their marketing funnel.

Growth Summary

We delivered ongoing SEO recommendations related to improving their local search presence and overall search presence. Additionally, we developed a content strategy to improve the amount of organic keywords that the site ranks for.

The challenge was creating content that will not only perform well on search results, but would also yield high quality leads for their core service offerings. Over time, both have been achieved and positive movements in regards to search traffic and conversions have been realized.

We’ve also shifted to creating more video content for Install-It-Direct, both for branding purposes and to guide customers through a remodel process. Our “how to install pavers” video has 1,400 YouTube views to date.