How Siege Media Increased Personal Creations’ Traffic Value By 150%


increase in site’s monthly traffic


increase in site's monthly traffic value


links generated

The Client

Personal Creations offers fun, personalized gifts for the whole family.

Industry: eCommerce

Location: San Diego, California

Services Provided: Content Marketing


Personal Creations had a strong foundation but needed an ongoing link building campaign to stay competitive for personalized gifting terms. There was also opportunity to create top- to mid-funnel content, but limited resources internally to take it on.

Growth Summary

We evolved Personal Creations’ content strategy from early stages to maturity. It included a mix of link-driven and search-driven assets targeting families, weddings and core holidays.

Because of the prevalence of mommy and lifestyle bloggers, we had to make our linkable content stand out. We elevated content through in-house photography and videography, and high-quality printables. These formats appealed to their core audience—mothers—and complemented their product offerings.

For example, the Easter Egg Clue printables generated 53 links and drove 2,600 visitors/month, raising awareness for their Easter baskets and products.

For search-driven posts, we targeted a mix of bottom-funnel terms like Anniversary Gifts by Year to generate sales, and top-funnel terms like Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids to raise brand awareness among a qualified audience.

Through these efforts we were able to increase blog traffic from 11,000 visits/month to 165,000 visits/month and contribute to a sitewide organic traffic increase of 170%.