Side Hustle Post Earns $1,100 Monthly Traffic Value


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The Client

Self (previously Self Lender) is helping thousands of people begin their financial journey with a credit builder account.

Industry: Personal Finance

Location: Austin, Texas

Services Provided: Content Marketing

Project Summary

One of Self’s core audiences is recent college graduates who have perhaps never had a credit card and need to build credit quickly. We dove into brainstorming what content would resonate with that audience, in addition to still being relevant to saving money.

For a startup brand with middle tier authority, we needed to target financial terms that were realistic for them to rank for—meaning avoiding big “credit repair” and similar terms that would take time to see traffic outcomes. We were able to create a post on “side hustle ideas” (6,100 searches/mo) and build 19 links to it with the help of an accompanying infographic.