12,000,000+ Traffic Increase Post-Audit

We evaluated Zillow’s current audience development strategies and recommended new improvements to increase the number of website mentions they received online.

We identified opportunities for Zillow to leverage their brand to acquire new mentions, which enabled the Seattle-based company to increase the number of links to their site by 72% eight months post audit. This increase in links was also partially responsible for the brand’s 258% increase in monthly organic traffic in the same period.

In addition, we were able to assist Zillow with title tag recommendations that increased the number of click-throughs to their site in the search results, which made a sizable impact on traffic across their millions of pages. We also assisted with keyword research and internal linking architecture as a way of determining pockets of opportunity Zillow had not previously uncovered.

The results

18,425 Increase in LRDs

258% Increase in Traffic

12,962,888 Boost in Monthly Organic Pageviews