Last year, Google made a big splash with E-A-T.

Cut to COVID and authoritative and trustworthy news in YMYL (Your Money Your Life) become an even greater focus for Google.

Now that the dust has (somewhat) settled, Caroline chatted with Lily Ray from Path Interactive who has been talking all things E-A-T since her article published last year.

Show Notes:

  • 00:53: Debunking common E-A-T myths
  • 2:10: How does E-A-T relate to the Medic Update?
  • 4:25: What should you focus on for E-A-T if you’re in YMYL?
  • 7:12: Realistic timelines to see outcomes from E-A-T related changes
  • 9:50: Getting buy-in for E-A-T changes
  • 10:45: Does domain authority and brand recognition matter more with E-A-T?
  • 15:57: Is it realistic to expect to outrank .gov sites now?
  • 20:37: How to balance E-A-T with a company’s mission
  • 23:08: Unique or unexpected methods of showcasing E-A-T
  • 27:33: What keeps you up at night with E-A-T?

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