Strategy that pays the bills.

Our content strategies deliver more than $86,856,000 in traffic value per year.

Siege Media specializes in crafting you a content strategy seeped in data-driven decision making. We do a deep dive on your business and get to know it inside and out.

This informs understanding of where and how you can win – fast.

Some of the content strategy services we offer:

SEO Content Roadmaps

Content Audits

Competitive Analysis

Title Tag Optimization

Internal Linking Analysis

UX Assessments

Keyword Opposition to Benefit (KOB) Analysis

Content Design Recommendations

Internal Content Team Trainings

A better blog, a better business.

We take an in-and-out analysis of your competitive landscape and use it to inform improved content hub design that will make your business best in class.

Winning content isn’t text. Winning content is strategy, design and text. Winning content is experience.

This doesn’t (always) mean a major overhaul. We aim to make high impact changes at the lowest cost to you possible.

Keyword research, elevated.

Once we understand your business, we take an audience-first approach to keyword research that brings you customers, not unqualified visitors.

This data-driven process known as Keyword Opposition to Benefit Analysis takes topics proven to drive value and assesses them against keyword difficulty, allowing you to drive real business value fast as you ladder up to more competitive, albeit valuable topics.

Additionally, we prioritize our proprietary understanding of passive link topics to allow you to scalably acquire links to drive the rest of the strategy.

Strategy beyond words.

At Siege, we don’t just bring copywriting experts to the table – we bring best-in-class design.

Our Art Direction team advises on your content’s visual strategy, helping you differentiate from the boring stock photos and boilerplate graphic design that plagues the rest of the internet.

Check out some of our work.

First-in-line strategic thinking.

Cutting edge is a way of life at Siege Media. 125+ knowledge-thirsty content marketers means no stone is left uncovered as it comes to best-in-class content marketing.

We bring these experiences to your business, suggesting and executing front-of-the-line strategies to make sure you don’t just rank page one, you stay there.

We’ve helped great brands reach new heights.




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Frequently asked questions

Who works on our content strategy?

Our content strategy services are executed by a combined group of talented Siege folks: a Director of Content Marketing, Content Marketing Manager, Content Marketing Specialist, and Art Director. Additionally, our Chief Executive Officer Ross Hudgens adds strategic oversight to every project upon kickoff.

How much does a content strategy project cost?

Our end-to-end content strategy deliverables generally range between $12,000 and $30,000, with the low end being the case when you already have a solid content design in place, and the high end being the case when you need Siege’s help with a significant blog design overhaul.

Content strategy is a great (and required) onboarding strategy for an end-to-end content marketing engagement. It helps our team get to know your brand and industry so we can create better content.

If you already have a content creation team in place, we can execute the project as a one-off without the expectation of move-forward content. This can help audit the existing strategy and look for improvements you can take forward yourself.

What if we already have keyword research?

Our Keyword Opposition to Benefit (KOB) Analysis is unique in that we don’t just look at keyword volume, so it’s unlikely existing keyword research can completely replace our process.

That said, we’re open to seeing your research and using it as an advanced starting block to our project. This can allow us to find more topics in the time allocated.

It’s also worth noting that this initial keyword research phase is helpful for onboarding. If you’re using Siege for content creation, it’s a great way to get to know the industry through doing.

What's included in a content strategy?

Our suggested content strategy roadmap includes three deliverables: the overall content strategy, a Keyword Opposition to Benefit (KOB) Analysis and a project plan. Additionally, we have an optional phase where we create three post outlines.

The content strategy itself includes recommendations like sitewide suggestions, brand and market overviews, competitor analysis and blog design mockups.

The KOB Analysis aims to deliver somewhere between 50-200 high-value, low-difficulty topics. We end up on the low side when it’s a niche industry and the high side when it’s a broader one.

The Project Plan scopes those topics once approved, and refines to create a data-driven content calendar. We prioritize on things like keyword difficulty, seasonality, link intent, team resources and idea diversity.

Finally, should you be taking this strategy forward yourself, we often suggest SEO post outlines and a feedback stage for at least three assets. This allows you to start the strategy yourself and get feedback on early content in order to have confidence you can move forward successfully.

The results of our work.

Our content accounts for approximately $7.4M/mo in client traffic value. That's $86.9M per year.

Fresh out of the oven.