We take a scientific approach to creating and promoting content that ranks.

Rocket showing up and to the right traffic growth

Hundreds of campaigns.
Thousands of links.
Millions of views.
Zero guesswork.

Content strategy

1. Content strategy

First the science, then the fun.

We upgrade your content experience with blog design optimizations that improve outcomes by as much as 50%.

Next, we rip apart your vertical to find high-value ranking opportunities and popular content that data proves you can beat.

Then we give you a battle plan prioritized by achievable ROI and ability to generate organic links.

If it won’t rank, it doesn’t get built.

Content strategy services

2. Content creation

Best in class or bust.

“Good content” is not good enough. Flimsy linkbait won’t last.

From writing and design to animation and interactives, we build you branded assets that can outperform the top-ranking content in your niche.

And yes, it's created by humans.

See our work
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3. Scalable link acquisition

Untouchable links.
Best-in-class content.
Best-in-class cost.

You don’t have to cross your fingers.

We get our clients ranking for top-funnel terms that generate hundreds of links per month, all through a proprietary process that identifies passive link topics and gets them performing, time and time again.

These are the links at scale that Google wants to reward.

Link building services

4. SEO consulting

Maximize your ROI.

Don’t let on-site issues ruin off-site gains.

We’ll work with you to solve the issues holding you back and give data-backed SEO recommendations that will actually move the needle.

SEO services
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Our clients have been featured and seen on

Some of the many media outlets where we have successfully placed content.
Some of the many media outlets where we have successfully placed content.

We’re an open book.

Our open playbook offers an in-depth look at the content marketing services we’ve used to drive over 500,000 new monthly visitors for four different clients.

Headshot of Derek Flanzraich of Ness

“I built an enormous SEO-driven media company of my own, Greatist, and there’s no other firm I’d even consider recommending to someone. Unlike most agencies in the space, they invest in the things that matter — quality content, thoughtful strategy, and things that are actually worth linking to.”

Derek Flanzraich, Founder, Ness

“They’re the absolute best in this business. Nobody thinks more comprehensively about SEO and content strategy than them. Moreover, they have the unique ability to execute strategies in a reliable way; they have a programmatic approach to SEO.”

Maddy Martin, VP Marketing, Smith.ai

“Siege Media’s content delivered the lowest cost but highest value backlinks that I’ve seen over my entire marketing career.”

Luke Fernandez, Head of User Growth, Wikibuy

“Siege Media would always surpass expectations with the quality of their work and the results that they generated. They helped us to consistently create content that would rank highly in Google search results.”

Kyle Chivers, SEO Manager, Norton LifeLock

“I recommend the team at Siege Media and happily refer colleagues to their SEO and content marketing services knowing they will be in good hands with someone who gets it. [Siege Media] has been a great SEO thought partner for our business.”

Patrick Gavin, CEO at HigherEducation.com

“We were looking for a high quality partner to help with off-page optimization, and multiple people kept pointing us to Siege Media. Working with Ross and the Siege Media team has been fantastic. Super sharp people and fantastic to work with!”

Tommy Griffith, SEO at AirBnB

“I’ve been impressed with Siege Media every time I’ve worked with them. I know that I can always trust their advice because they have research behind it and years of industry experience.”

Connor Hitchcock, Digital Marketing Specialist, One Click

Frequently asked questions

Do you use AI for content creation?

We use AI to speed up the commoditized parts of the content creation process, not to replace the critical ones. Areas we enhance our work with AI include outlines, line editing, image editing, brainstorming and keyword research.

However, writing is rarely one of them.

View more about our AI philosophy here.

Do your content services include design and development?

They sure do! We think of effective content marketing strategy as more than words — we think of it as the end-to-end experience delivered to your customers. Because of this, we dedicate almost 50 percent of our content creation time to design. We also frequently create interactives like quizzes, maps and calculators for our clients.

We aim to be an end-to-end solution to take work off the client’s plate.

Do you handle content uploading?

Yes! We aim to be an end-to-end solution to take work off the client’s plate. This also results in an improved end product, as we can preview our content as the user will see it to look for things like word overhangs, image legibility and more.

How much do we need to spend?

Our minimums for content marketing are currently $8,000 per month. We ask for a 12-month contract given the long term nature of SEO, but all of our contracts include a 30 day out clause to grant you flexibility should budgets or strategies change.

In the proposal stage, we evaluate the estimated ROI we expect from our content marketing and will bring you a suggested spend. We can also work backwards from your top competitor’s SEO performance to formulate a strategy to catch up and overtake them. Otherwise, we can use your budget to project our performance and achieve the highest growth possible within your budget.

How do you price your content marketing services?

We don’t believe in charging for a blog post, as every topic is different in terms of the time it takes to create best-in-class content. Instead, we use a content marketing unit system based on time and modularize your program against the needed scope for every asset.

Clients sign up for a number of units per month. In the content strategy phase, we aim to create a data-backed project plan against those units to deliver rankings and revenue in the fastest possible time.

How long does it take to see results?

Most clients that work with Siege Media see traction at month four, and real momentum starts to take shape in months six plus. If you’re a brand new startup, that timeline can elongate due to the need for existing authority to generate rankings.

This said, you always have leading indicators the results will come. They first appear through our content quality, then through improving rankings month over month. Though it may take six months for significant website traffic to develop, you’ll be able to see it coming due to improved keyword ranking in the months leading up to it.

What link quality can we expect?

Our process generates links through top-funnel rankings tied to topics we know will produce them at scale. The people who cite and source results that rank are of the highest quality — they’re reporters and bloggers who take their job seriously, and because of that, the average Domain Rating (DR) of these links skew higher, on average.

In most industries we see DR 40+, and in some technology spaces we see DR 50+ averages. Not only that, there is no sleep lost with links generated through this process. They’re organic and as natural as can be, which means they’re exactly the kind of links Google wants to reward long-term.

Do you provide social media services?

While we don’t provide full-service social media services, we can create native images based on our content for each social network important to you.

Organic social media is a unique process, which we prefer to let experts handle. We stick to what we do best (SEO-driven content marketing), and because of that believe we are the best in the world at it.

Fresh out of the oven.