Siege Media is made up of smart, driven, and creative people with the aim to make more than amazing content.

Great content comes from more than just having talent with design, development, and copywriting, it comes from an authentic interest in the endeavors we take on. Our team brings together a plethora of skills, backgrounds, interests, and education which enables us to conquer the challenges we face to create best-in-class content.

We don’t hire people that just want a job, we hire individuals that want to do great work, grow their careers, and as a result, the business they work for.

Siege Media is 100% remote!

While we have roots in San Diego and Austin, we have Siege teammates located across various cities throughout the United States.

To help promote our work-from-home values, we offer our employees the necessary equipment for a remote setup.

We are working hard to help foster a sense of community amongst our remote staff through virtual and regional meetups.

Up and to the Right

Siege Media is a place where your career can grow. 90% of our senior leadership team started their careers at Siege. Additionally, we have dedicated training staff to help you upskill, no matter your experience level.


We’ve built a culture of appreciation at Siege, using our dedicated Slack channel to highlight each other and celebrate wins. We also expect this same thing from our clients, evaluating them on the same ESG standards we expect from ourselves before signing the dotted line.

Reap the benefits

100% health coverage

Health, dental, and vision benefits! It’s about more than the health of the company at Siege Media. Our comprehensive health plan ensures that you are covered on and off the field. Even better, health, dental and vision are 100% free!

Unlimited PTO

Are you an adventurer at heart? So are we! In the past year alone our team traveled all over the world leaving footprints in Japan, South Korea, England, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands, Ireland, Thailand, France, Mexico, Israel, and more!

Competitive pay

We want our team to be well paid. To make that happen, we do our due-diligence using a national payroll tool to make sure every position at Siege is paid competitively.

Health, then work

Our “Health, then work” value means we emphasize health in the form of encouraging mental health days, team-wide health challenges, and offering a stipend to help purchase a standing desk. Additionally, we support new parents with a significant paid paternity/maternity leave program.

401k matching

We support your long-term financial goals, offering a 401k matching program that matches 50% up to 6% of your salary in addition to our other benefits.

Experience our culture

Why put parameters around when we think you would work best. We have core hours somewhere between 8AM - 6PM, Monday through Friday. We believe that if your work gets done and your team is supported, you can create your own start and end time.

Work / life balance

Life is for living, we expect you to live yours. Use those two hours previously sitting in commute to take your dog for a walk or hang out with family.

Clients that make a difference

We evaluate every client for Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics to make sure we support companies that are making a positive difference in the world, and for their employees.

And we're 100% remote

Although we have hubs in San Diego and Austin, our company operates around life as a remoter. We'll support and sponsor in-person meetings with others, but won't require it to allow you to live your best life.

Learn from the best

We sponsor monthly experts to come in and teach our team through Zoom. Have you always wanted to learn from someone? Let us know and we’ll make it happen!

Build a following

Thousands of people follow the amazing content our team puts out every month. Check out our Dribbble page to see where we’ll highlight your amazing work.

Open door policy

Feedback’s a must. It’s more than something we say, it’s engraved into our culture. Short 1-on-1’s with your manager and weekly group feedback meetings inspire collaboration.

Weekly company updates

Let’s talk about transparency and what’s going on in the Siege World; what new clients are in the works, what projects are we proud of, welcome new team members.

Life at Siege

At the core,
our values

Impress With Communication

Quality Over Profit

Positivity Is in Our DNA

Be Humble

Strive to Be Better

Health, Then Work

“Siege Media's goal as a company is to aggressively grow great businesses through the power of search. It would be negligent of us to declare Siege an agency that wants to build great businesses, without similarly wanting to develop and have great marketers on our team as well.”

Ross Hudgens Founder and CEO of Siege Media


open job

Our team has made the Inc. 5000 the past six years. We're officially past the point of take-off.
Our current open positions are listed below. All of them are remote!

See something you like? Send us an email at to let us know why you want to join the family.