Content is king, but we’ve got the whole royal court.

Sharp copy and world-class design are only the start. We use SEO strategy, natural language processing and more when we create your content. AI is used to intelligently speed up the process, not replace what’s needed to make it best-in-class.

The result? Your pieces are primed to reach the largest audience possible. After all, our crowning achievement isn’t just content — it’s content that gets seen.

A king's crown

Here’s some of our best work:

More content creation services we offer:

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Razor-sharp copy.
World-class design.
Innovative strategy.
Zero guesswork.

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1. Keyword Opposition to Benefit (KOB) analysis

First, we do data-driven keyword research to find topics that fit your brand perfectly. We analyze demand trends, needed refresh frequency, organic link intent and more to make sure the topic strongly ties to revenue.

2. Data meets the digital pen.

After you’ve approved our ideas, we execute them. Our content team researches and writes copy using detailed SERP analysis as the backbone. Then the copy is vetted by a Content Marketing Manager and a Copy Editor with vertical expertise.

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3. Content design.

After copy is approved, it goes to our world-renowned design team, which creates beautiful, original graphics to accompany the copy. Before it goes to you for approval, it’s thoroughly reviewed by an Art Director for brand consistency and quality assurance.

4. Content distribution.

Once you’re happy with the post, we start promoting it, either via internal distribution, SEO or outside outreach. Learn more about our process on our link building services page.

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5. Proactive content updates based on data.

Good content’s work is never done! Even after a piece is live, we continue to analyze it and make improvements. We pre-identify the best update frequency based on competitive update cadence and slot in changes that proactively get in front of traffic declines.

We’ve helped great brands reach new heights.




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All hands on deck.

The secret to our award-winning content is simple: a lot of people work on it.

By the time your piece is done, it has passed under the watchful eyes of writers, SEO strategists, designers and PR professionals. In other words, your content is strong from every angle.

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“Since adopting Siege Media’s experimental marketing tactics, online visibility has increased exponentially. Their SEO efforts have improved search engine ranking, while their link building has achieved viral success.”

Andrew Saladino, COO, Kitchen Cabinet Kings

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“I built an enormous SEO-driven media company of my own, Greatist, and there’s no other firm I’d even consider recommending to someone.
Unlike most agencies in the space, they invest in the things that matter — quality content, thoughtful strategy, and things that are actually worth linking to.”

Derek Flanzraich, Founder, Ness

“We tried to execute content creation and curation in-house, but quickly realized this wasn’t our strong suit. Thankfully, the Siege team are true creatives at heart. They’re strategic, well-calculated, communicative, and easy to work with.”

Reuben Yonatan, Founder & CEO, GetVoIP

“Siege Media has helped bring our blog content to new levels, which helps improve other areas of the site and has had a noticeable positive effect on rankings for core keywords.”

Lior Zitzman, Director of Digital Audience, BigRentz

Frequently asked questions

Do you use AI for content creation?

We use AI to speed up the commoditized parts of the content creation process, not to replace the most important ones. Areas we enhance our work with AI include outlines, line editing, image editing, brainstorming and keyword research.

However, writing is rarely one of them. Our goal with SEO is to build the best asset there is, and AI can rarely assist with that in full.

View more about our AI philosophy here.

How long does content take end-to-end?

An average piece of content takes us a week to complete.

However, the process of building up to that completion takes a few months, as we require content strategy formation at the onset, keyword research and a project plan to make sure we’re not just creating content but also creating the right content. This sets the stage for the coming assets, creating the project plan that will result in long-term success.

That said, more complex content pieces such as animations, videos and interactives can take two to four weeks to complete end-to-end.

These timelines come from the high-quality bar we set and the many parties involved. An average piece of content is touched by the following roles: a Content Marketing Manager, Director of Content Marketing, Content Marketing Specialist, Copy Editor, Graphic Designer and an Art Director.

A non-average piece of content adds several more roles such as Web Designers, Front End Developers, Animators and Videographers.

Can you use our writers?

In most situations, no. Each piece of Siege Media content touches many roles other than writers (such as content strategy, SEO, editing and graphic design), and because of that, we often say that the end-to-end cost for content will actually be higher for you — and less performative, if we removed our writers from the equation.

That said, we understand the value of subject matter expertise and in spaces where it’s unlikely to be found on our team, we occasionally help with SEO outlines as well as batched design services to maximize the end product.

Finally, it greatly speeds up the process and increases accountability when you can say that Siege Media is responsible for the outcomes at the end of the day. In a perfect world, we free you up to do what you’re best at so we can do what we’re best at. Everyone wins.

Can you create content for social media?

We’re happy to build you design assets based on our content. However, we’re not a social media agency, so we don’t write copy or distribute the content on social for you.

Our general belief is that SEO is by far the highest ROI channel for content marketing, so we lean into it as a service offering. That said, our content is definitely high quality enough for social so we’re happy to support your social media teams with visual assets for promotion.

When should we expect to see results?

Most campaigns take four months to see initial traction and six months to see real momentum. You’ll see initial signs that we know what we’re doing through initial keyword rankings and month-over-month improvements.

For certain industries and brand-new businesses, it can take over a year to see results due to the long-term nature of SEO. We generally suggest that startups wait until Series A to invest in SEO for this reason.

Fresh out of the oven.