SEO in the context of business.

Many SEOs make recommendations in a vacuum of SEO best-practice. Add a meta description here, there, and hope it all works out.

That’s not how business works.

We make recommendations we know move the needle, not just show up on some SEO software suite’s list of issues.

We know the difference between a broken 404 that fails to register a blip and a template change that increases revenue by $45,000/mo.

We’ve helped great brands reach new heights.




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A selection of the types of companies we help:

  • E-commerce
  • Fintech startups
  • SaaS companies
  • Marketplaces

Working with Siege doesn’t just mean great SEO advice. It means access to our suite of world-class agency executors that allow you to bring that advice to life.

40+ designers, front end development, UX, animation, photography, video, content marketing. It’s all here and at your disposal.

Some of the SEO services we offer:

Content Pruning

Keyword Research

SEO A/B Testing

Title Tag Optimization

Page Speed Optimization

Internal Linking Audits

Canonicalization & Indexation Best Practices

User Experience Assessments

Information Architecture Analysis

The complete package: Technical SEO. World-class content marketing.

Our technical SEO services are the foundation for an effective content marketing campaign. When we pair them with our content marketing services, we deliver 100,000+ visit results for our clients on a consistent basis.

Let our SEO team round out your growth department to deliver industry-best results.

“Month over month, we continue to see record-breaking traffic growth. Siege Media are creatives at heart. They’re passionate about the work they’re doing, and they deliver measurable results.”

Reuben Yonatan, Founder, GetVoIP

Headshot of Derek Flanzraich of Ness

“I built an enormous SEO-driven media company of my own, Greatist, and there’s no other firm I’d even consider recommending to someone. Unlike most agencies in the space, they invest in the things that matter — quality content, thoughtful strategy, and things that are actually worth linking to.”

Derek Flanzraich, Founder, Ness

“I recommend Ross and the team at Siege Media and happily refer colleagues to their SEO and content marketing services knowing they will be in good hands with someone who gets it. [Siege Media] has been a great SEO thought partner for our business.”

Patrick Gavin, CEO at

“We were looking for a high quality partner to help with off-page optimization, and multiple people kept pointing us to Siege Media. Working with Ross and the Siege Media team has been fantastic. Super sharp people and fantastic to work with!”

Tommy Griffith, SEO at AirBnB

“I’ve been impressed with Siege Media every time I’ve worked with them. I know that I can always trust their advice because they have research behind it and years of industry experience.”

Connor Hitchcock, Digital Marketing Specialist, One Click

Frequently asked questions

Can you perform an SEO audit for us?

Yes and no. We generally believe in ongoing consulting as compared to one-off audits. This is because audits tend to wind up dusty and unutilized on someone’s (virtual) desk.

That said, we understand the potential need to occasionally get a second opinion and not commit to long-term work. For this reason, we often create “High-Impact SEO Audits” focused on only shipping you the most impactful recommendations.

What makes Siege's SEO services different?

First, Siege emphasizes the bottom line and impact in our consulting practice. This is, unfortunately, unusual in the SEO world.

Second, in using our SEO consulting services, you also have access to our suite of talented creatives and content creators — people that SEO firms rarely employ. Great SEO requires great content, and the synergistic approach allows for that to occur in harmony.

Third, Siege emphasizes UX and one-off page experiences. Increasingly, technical SEO is being solved by Google and the Content Management Systems’ out-of-the-box frameworks.

Our SEO team brings those skillsets but primarily focuses on “content SEO” to make sure you are matching SERP intent, building world-class experiences and solving for the end user. We believe that emphasis will be most likely to solve for what Google is looking for the long term.

The results of our work.

Our content accounts for approximately $7.4M/mo in client traffic value. That's $86.9M per year.

Fresh out of the oven.