It’s 2021 and we’re giving you permission to stop stressing.

In this week’s episode Director of Marketing Caroline Gilbert and SEO Manager Jon Eric Dela Cruz discuss technical SEO and content marketing “best practices” that you should stop worrying about. They cover rating tools that you should stop following, what actually make a quality backlinks, internal linking recommendations and more.

Show Notes:

  • 00:28: How “rating” tools like Yoast, Clearscope, Lighthouse and more shouldn’t be the main focus
  • 3:09: How SERP features negatively impact you and your competitors
  • 4:52: Asking for “word count” as a baseline indicator of quality content
  • 7:00: Our thoughts on technical text analysis like TFIDF, LSI and more
  • 8:11: Thoughts on linking root domain authority vs. relevancy
  • 10:00: Balancing internal linking with UX and user journey

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