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The Client

Nextiva empowers businesses to manage their communications, productivity and customer relationships on a unified platform. Nextiva is a leading provider of business communications and all-in-one communication systems.

Industry: B2B, SaaS

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Services Provided: Content Marketing

Project Summary

Part of our process is identifying strategic ways to scale link acquisition. One way we do that is by identifying high-value keywords with high “link-to-view-ratios,” meaning that people often search the terms explicitly looking to link to someone. For Nextiva, “customer service statistics” was one such query.

The keyword was already saturated with some big players, so we knew we needed to stand out in order to drive links and rankings. We did so with high-quality illustration and interactivity, delivering a premium experience that warranted the dozens of links the post initially brought in.

Upon its initial promotion, the piece earned 25 links. But the real value was delivered after active link building: Within just three months of publishing and getting to the top three in rankings, this piece of content gained 100+ links. To this day, the interactive brings in roughly 10 new links every month without any form of hands-on outreach.