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Chime is a fintech company that believes basic banking services should be helpful, easy, and free. With a new approach to online banking that doesn’t rely on fees, Chime helps members achieve their financial goals by making managing money easy with tools like automatic savings and an intuitive mobile banking app.

Industry: Fintech

Location: San Francisco, CA

Services provided: Content marketing


Chime was searching for a content marketing agency that understood the competitive landscape that accompanies the fintech industry. They knew several competitors had massive SEO footprints due to their history and ranked for financial keywords regardless of their content’s quality.

Chime needed Siege Media to look at all kinds of brands that picked up on their audience’s needs. They wanted to avoid content that felt stuffy and connect deeper with their millennial-skewed audience instead of talking from a place above them.

The results

Growth Summary

Siege Media got to work updating the content hub design for the Chime blog while identifying low-performing content with an audit. After a successful update to their blog homepage and some solid content additions, traffic began accelerating in the early spring of 2023.

Siege Media then dedicated more time to revamping lower-performing, top-funnel content to attract Chime’s desired audience, the everyday user. These search queries included “what are overdraft fees?” and “how to apply for a credit card.”

We quickly saw new and existing posts skyrocket in traffic and organic traffic value. In the year of our engagement, Siege Media’s content and web design adjustments helped build authority and rank for more key terms across the site. Siege-Media-created content helped contribute to a growth in traffic value that reached $521K in total. Siege Media-created posts also helped drive an 82% increase in monthly organic traffic to the blog, 35,587 organic monthly traffic, and more than 14 million organic impressions.

What Time Does a Direct Deposit Hit?

The results

  • Ranking #1 for “what is my direct deposit late” (1.1K SV)
  • $22,368K average monthly organic traffic value
  • 9.2K average monthly traffic
  • Featured snippet
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How to Apply for a Personal Loan

The results

  • Ranking #1 for “how to apply for a personal loan” (2.4K SV)
  • 1.6K keywords
  • $13,779K average monthly organic traffic value
  • PAA box for “Chime loans” (3.5K SV)
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Best Venmo Alternatives

The results

  • 1.3K keywords
  • Top-ranking post for keyword “apps like Venmo” (1.3K SV)
  • Top image pack in the “venmo alternatives” SERP
  • $22K lifetime traffic value
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Chime vs. Ally

The results

  • 1.2K keywords
  • Top-ranking post for keyword “chime vs. ally”
  • PAA box for 6 primary keywords
  • Featured snippet
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