Clearscope’s Bernard Huang joins us on Content & Conversation.

From NFT galleries to founding multiple startups, it’s hard to find something Bernard can’t do.

After growing several ventures since 2010, Bernard has perfected his SEO strategy. After consulting for top brands like DoorDash, Strava, and Compass, Bernard developed a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of search, aka “ranch-style” SEO.

In today’s episode, Bernard shares his SEO secrets with Siege CEO Ross Hudgens. The pair discuss unique perspectives on how to implement an SEO strategy that serves the intent users care about now and in the future.

Show Notes:

  • 00:12: Welcome, Bernard Huang, Co-founder of Clearscope
  • 1:19: Bernard’s unique NFT marketing strategy
  • 7:44: The importance of “search perspectives,” predicting the evolution path of a SERP
  • 15:04: Where search perspective applies
  • 16:09: What Google’s “what people have also asked” tells us
  • 17:21: Google’s business model — is UX or ad revenue the priority?
  • 20:20: Solving for for individual sub-topics vs. topic clusters
  • 25:01: Total keyword opportunity in one post, “ranch-style SEO”
  • 28:45: Could any SEO write it? The significance of thought leadership
  • 33:49: Don’t have counterarguments for the sake of it
  • 37:16: Bernard’s “SERP similarity,” addressing the copycats of SEO
  • 40:09: How often do SERPs change on average?
  • 43:49: What are you excited about in the content space?

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