SEO + Localization for Maximum Reach

Don’t just translate content. Localize it with unique-to-market keyword research, making sure you don’t spend time and budget on topics without in-market demand warranting that effort.

In our data, local keyword research generates 40% more search volume than simply translating content.

We’ve helped great brands reach new heights.




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Here’s how we capture
a global audience

Global enterprise experience

We have more than a decade of experience providing organic growth for global enterprise clients — and the sky is the limit for how we’ve helped them scale. In the past 12 months alone, we’ve analyzed 4 million keywords, optimized 24,000 pages, written 2 million words, and monitored 100,000 SERP rankings daily.

Data-backed global content strategy

We don’t just transcreate content for kicks. We use tools to capture data on what keywords people search for in a local market to ensure we’re driving the most relevant traffic to you in a specific location. As noted above, this results in a 40% improvement in the search demand over simply translating the content.

Digital transcreation, too

We don’t stop at the copy on a page. We also focus on transcreating web and graphic design assets to make sure you can rank in different countries and drive even more traffic.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you do machine translation? What is your process for that?

We suggest machine translation-people edited (MTPE) content in markets with low competition and top-of-funnel focus. Even in areas with low search volume, MTPE topics are less likely to drive conversions if machine-created, so we suggest human-created versions to maximize the outcomes you want. For less critical pages, it can be worth considering going MTPE-first to drive scale and brand awareness in the market.

How can you do this in 250 languages?

Transparently, we accomplish this by partnering with another great firm that has built out a talent network of over 250,000 translators to execute the work. In working with them, we align the benefits of Siege Media’s premium content and design with their strength in international SEO and language experts across the globe.

What’s the difference between transcreation vs. localization?

Localization is a facet of transcreation whereby a message is translated into a specific language that aligns with the culture. Transcreation entails both translation and localization while ensuring that a brand’s messaging is clear.

What’s the difference between transcreation vs. translation?

Translation is reverting a message to another language. Transcreation entails translation, adapting it to the culture of the language (localization), and assuring that a brand’s message gets fully conveyed to different cultural audiences.

What do you charge for localization?

On average, we charge around half the cost of creating an article to transcreate it in another popular language if it is being human-translated.

This depends on the article volume and the specific languages you are looking for help with, but we tend to fall within that average range.