In the early days of SEO, a little bit of authority and a well-written article were all you needed to rank. Today, the landscape is much more competitive and what used to work just won’t cut it in 2024.

When every penny of your marketing budget matters, it’s more crucial than ever that you focus on keywords that convert, which you can only find through keyword research.

In this episode of Content & Conversation, Ross and Drew share how to do effective keyword research in an ever competitive landscape.

The two also delve into how considering other factors, such as SERP features, word count, refresh frequency and more, can help you elevate your keyword research so you focus your content marketing efforts where you’ll see the biggest gains.

No matter your industry, you can’t win rankings without careful keyword research for SEO. Learn what you need to do in 2024 to rank by tuning into this episode today.

Show Notes:

  • 00:00: Introduction
  • 02:09: Intro to the sheet
  • 3:00: Keyword Research process
  • 4:50: Keyword Difficulty
  • 5:20: Relevancy Score
  • 6:30: Ranking Page URL
  • 9:27: Links
  • 11:45: Page Traffic and Traffic Value
  • 13:05: KOB Score
  • 15:00: SERP Features and Keyword Demand Trends
  • 16:40: Word Count
  • 17:48: Refresh Frequency
  • 19:17: Revised KOB score
  • 20:25: Categorize and Funnel Stage
  • 22:08: Conclusion

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