Derek Flanzraich joins us on Content & Conversation.

When it comes to growing a media company, Derek Flanzraich isn’t a stranger to success. After forming Greatist in 2011, Derek witnessed how high-quality content led to exponential growth — eventually leading the company to be bought by Healthline.

In this episode of Content & Conversation, Derek sits down with Ross to discuss how focusing on high-quality, well-written content is an essential focus for those who are building a brand for their audience.

Now, as he’s in the startup phase for Ness — a premium credit card that rewards users for being healthy — he continues to focus on creating content that people want to see. Because when you create something that people want and treat people well, it will always come back to you.

Show Notes:

  • 00:07: Welcome, Derek Flanzraich, CEO of Ness
  • 1:55: How Derek’s former company, Greatist was born
  • 3:33: How Greatist scaled to 50 million visitors per month
  • 6:02: Why establishing the correct tone for your audience is key
  • 13:18: Greatist’s success in mentioned outreach
  • 19:38: How Pinterest contributed to Greatist’s success
  • 22:07: Biggest strategy lessons from Greatist to Ness
  • 26:51: How to increase your content engagement via email
  • 30:49: Using social media for content distribution, “the individual more than the brand”
  • 37:37: What type of voice is ideal for Health & Wellness today?
  • 42:10: Biggest content lessons from Greatist to Ness
  • 45:46: Why a variety of platforms are necessary for SEO
  • 48:24: Ness’ three most impactful channels
  • 50:37: Is there an equivalent to Pinterest today?
  • 53:59: How to repurpose your content across multiple channels
  • 56:25: Derek’s unique leadership style and culture at Ness
  • 1:02:14: Ness’ team structure
  • 1:05:16: Final tips, tricks, and tactics from Derek

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