Did your traffic plummet out of nowhere?

This time, Google may not be to blame.

Google updates, technical changes to your website, or even that new fancy plug-in – they’re all potential culprits to unpredictable (and not so ideal) results.

However, if you’ve been finding success with a sound content strategy for some time, it’s only natural that your space matures.

In this episode of Content & Conversation, CEO Ross Hudgens and Drew Page, Associate Director of Marketing, discuss the major players that may be encroaching on your industry.

And additionally, how to understand and protect the true sustainability of your rankings.

Show Notes:

  • 00:20: Drew coins the term “algo-holic”
  • 00:30: Why you probably weren’t hit by an algorithm update
  • 2:01: How brands with good reputations can disrupt your space
  • 2:50: Measuring competitive research effectively
  • 4:20: How to understand the biggest players via keyword research
  • 5:58: Why monetization models play a part
  • 6:52: Acquisitions in your industry vs. ranking longevity
  • 10:20: The importance of homepage link velocity
  • 11:37: Why following Google’s updates is still important

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